My POODIE or "?" (LOL) Lets see I remeber when I 1st saw you I was like Damn who is that (LOL) but then I met you later on when I was goin to the 9th grade its been so long I cant even belive that I have known you that long.... You are one of the most down to Earth people that I know I can talk to you about everything even thow I choose not to because Im scared to speak my mind to you but that will change I promise I got sumin on my mind to tell you right now (LOL) I remeber hangin out with you marcus and Dom and yall took me to Basketball practice and yall got kicked out back then I use to always want to be around you...and I still do even if it was goin to ya games cheering 4 you makin jay and Kieth JEALOUS cause they wasnt gettin my attention (LOL)....................... I dont now what to call us I guess its close friends but no matter what I will always be a phone call away if you ever need me you're close to my Heart Love ASHLEY